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New Year, New Me?

Every year as NYE approaches, everything is geared towards the pressure of having to have a new plan for the new year. What are you going to change? What are you going to do? Did you do your cleaning? Vision board? And, of course, there's that weight. And every year, we all make these declarations… Continue reading New Year, New Me?


Grief, Pain, and Sports fandom.

The unique relationship between sports and fans and how the outcome of a particular game or season can affect one's life is something to behold. It might be hard to truly understand for those who take no interest in sports or even the casual sports fan. And to be quite honest, it's kind of hard… Continue reading Grief, Pain, and Sports fandom.

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Hey you, yeah you….hang in there.

So after a week of feeling completely unmotivated and abnormally tired, here I sit at 2:25am pst with my laptop in front of me. I've spent the better parts of this week wishing I could crack this thing open and write something meaningful. I wish that I could continue working on that one script or… Continue reading Hey you, yeah you….hang in there.

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Fight the good fight but don’t forget to protect your peace…

It has now been weeks since the start of the protests. Since it began I have cried, felt helpless, been angry, cried some more, posted, donated, protested, cried some more, wanted to burn this whole bitch down and all of that is just the surface of the bout with depression that I was already fighting.… Continue reading Fight the good fight but don’t forget to protect your peace…

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Okay, so like…I’m over this…

For the most part, I've been maintaining and doing alright during this quarantine. Like, I'm a homebody, so being home hasn't as much been the problem as it is being told I can't leave freely is. It wasn't until now, and perhaps as a result of being told we're in the house for another 3… Continue reading Okay, so like…I’m over this…

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Self discovery be like…

Self-Discovery be like....wake up!!! You’ve got a whole ass, beautiful ass, love, and happiness filled, success having, wildest dreams come truest life to live.

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You haven’t been productive and thats okay.

So during this time, lots of blogs, lots of posts, lots of tweets are going to be focused on "How to be productive during this time" type of information. People are going to give lists of ways to pass the time and lists of how to's for everything imaginable. And all of those are great,… Continue reading You haven’t been productive and thats okay.

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Faith in the face of fear. Calm amid chaos.

So obviously we are all dealing with the reality that we are very much so in the middle of a real-life pandemic. Now, of course, as with anything, responses to something like this is going to vary. Everyone has their way of coping, and perhaps now more than ever, whatever that may be, we all… Continue reading Faith in the face of fear. Calm amid chaos.