Soul Searchin

Self discovery be like…

Self-Discovery be like....wake up!!! You’ve got a whole ass, beautiful ass, love, and happiness filled, success having, wildest dreams come truest life to live.

Soul Searchin

Well, hello 34! #BirthdayChronicles

Baby Erica Lynn As the clock strikes 12 to usher me into another year of life, I am both filled with lots of thoughts and feelings and on the other hand, not many at all. Reflecting on the year that was, 33 was not much of what I'd hoped it would be, but it certainly… Continue reading Well, hello 34! #BirthdayChronicles

Soul Searchin

How I cope when feeling overwhelmed.

You ever feel overwhelmed by life? Like everything is happening all at once, and it's hard to keep your head above water? Perhaps its life changes are happening all at once and trying to sift through your feelings and thoughts while making difficult decisions. Maybe it's the frustration of working hard towards something, getting close… Continue reading How I cope when feeling overwhelmed.


Dear Dodgers,

Dear Dodgers, So I'm not going to front like I'm some lifelong fan, as though I have some childhood memories of me and pops heading to the ballpark to root on our favorite team. The truth is, I was pretty late to the party, I'm talking about just about seven years or so ago late.… Continue reading Dear Dodgers,